Charles Blackman

Charles Blackman is regarded as one of Australia’s most significant living artists. A master of modern figurative art, his works have been likened to those of Picasso and Sidney Nolan.
 His importance as an artist only escalated when he exhibited his celebrated Schoolgirl series.  Through this collection, Blackman shows his talent for depicting events from the subjects’ unique points of view, using scenes from the lives of the children in Melbourne suburbia.

In 1959, Blackman banded together with fellow figurative artists John Brack, Arthur Boyd, David Boyd, John Perceval, Clifton Pugh and Robert Dickerson to create the group “The Antipodeans”. A protest against the growing popularity of abstract expressionism.  

During this time, Blackman created his other iconic collection of paintings – the fantastical Alice in Wonderland series. Inspiration came while reading the passages of the Lewis Carroll tale to his sight-impaired wife. 

In 1997 Blackman was awarded an Order of the British Empire for his services to art and his works are displayed in all State Galleries nationwide as well as in many private collections around the world. Several of his major pieces have sold for well over $500,000. 

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