Arthur Hamblin

Arthur Hamblin

Arthur Hamblin as an artist owes much to the experiences and characters he has seen in the Australian outback.  Australian country life, stockmen, cattle, horses, camels and bird life are his subjects.  His paintings show the heat, vast space and colour of the outback.  You can feel the searing heat of the sun, the thick, dry dust, the smallness of man against the endless countryside.

Born in 1933 in Bendigo, Australia, Arthur was raised on a farm and lived with his parents and eight brothers and sisters.  Arthur produced his first painting at age 16, but it was not until his mid thirties he began to paint fulltime.  Following his first successful solo exhibition in Frankston, Victoria, Arthur has continued to enjoy great success with regular exhibitions in Australia and overseas.

Arthur’s popularity is due to the fact that he has the ability to capture the real heart and soul of the outback in a way that is unique, warm and appealing.

The Northern Territory Government Bicentennial Committee offered Arthur to join “The Last Great Cattle Drive” as artist in residence on a 2000km trek from Newcastle Waters to Longreach.  At the end of the trek, Elders staged an auction and exhibition for Arthur, which was a complete sell-out.  The Northern Territory Government has 12 of these paintings on display in their offices. 


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